Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan was among the first students to become involved in planning and pre-production for the first film back in 2002. He had been a student of and was working as a teaching assistant for Jeff when he heard about the project. Mike immediately wanted to participate in any way he could, and he made a strong case for himself: He had a degree in art with an emphasis in materials and multimedia, he was working on a master's in computer science with knowledge of film-related software, and he was an athlete with ring experience. That meant that he could potentially contribute in a variety of ways. He was also a huge fan of Mil Mascaras.

Mike let his fellow students and professors in the art department know about the project, and soon many of them expressed an eagerness to be involved. Art professor James Calvin produced molds for the sculpted faces on the walls of the Aztec tomb, and other art students created prominent pieces such as the gold masks worn by the Aztec henchmen.

Like many students who worked on the films, Mike maintained an active interest in them after graduation. In fact, Mike took time off from his job in the aerospace industry to fly to Hollywood for the first screening of the completed film and also to join Mil Mascaras and Jeff at the 2007 Imagen Awards in Los Angeles. And in 2012 he joined Jeff and Mil in beautiful Michoacan, Mexico, for an exhibition of Mil's artwork and a screening of the MMvsAM at the Morbido Film Festival.

ABOVE: Mil and Mike (left), El Medico Angel (right)

(HERE is something that he had fun making even though it wouldn't appear as-is in the final film.)