On July 16th, 2010, Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy played to an enthusiastic crowd at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, Canada. (Fantasia is of course the biggest and most prestigious fantasy film festival in North America and among the most exciting film festivals in the world.)

The event was hosted by Andre Dubois, who is a renowned scholar of the films of the original icon of lucha libre: El Santo - The Man in the Silver Mask. Andre introduced the film while wearing the iconic silver mask and afterward hosted a presentation and Q&A with writer-producer and mummy-robot of the film, Jeffrey Uhlmann. Uhlmann related several anecdotes about the making of the film and explained the role of engineering in filmmaking at the University of Missouri.

Below is a photo of Andre and Jeff recreating the classic image of Mil being threatened by the mummy: