On July 22nd, 2017, a special event was presented at the Fantasia International Film Festival as Mil Mascaras was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his illustrious career in film. Andre Dubois hosted the event and introduced Mr. Mascaras to an adoring crowd. After Mil spoke he was surprised when his friend, writer-producer Jeffrey Uhlmann, was brought on stage to present him with the beautiful Fantasia Trophy.

Mil's latest film, Aztec Revenge, screened immediately after the award festivities. It is the third of the three films by Mil and Jeff to screen at Fantasia. The first was in 2010.

Below are pictures from an event for the media prior to the award ceremony. Mil is shown with a special maple-leaf mask he designed and created specifically for Fantasia. Mil surprised the crowd several times by removing one mask to reveal another. Guests included Jeffrey Uhlmann (who drove 1200 miles to attend), Mike Sullivan, and luchadores: El Medico Angel, Argozan, La Torcha, Facgi, and El Dramatico.